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Over the past three decades, Ned DeLoach has co-authored ten marine life field guides, and co-founded the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) in the early 1990’s. Ned has photographed and written articles regularly for magazines in the United States and Asia since the 1970s. Anna DeLoach started shooting underwater video to assist Ned in studying and documenting fish behavior for their book, Reef Fish Behavior: Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean (2nd Edition, October 2019). Her comprehensive video footage proved indispensable for analyzing fish behaviors detailed in the book. Currently, their writing and photography appears as a regular feature in Alert Diver Magazine. In 2011, Anna was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.



Through her university degrees in Biology and Cinema in Canada, Elodie has mixed her two passions, Wildlife Documentary and Ethology. She now enjoys editing her films, writing and reading her own commentary, after spending hours diving and filming. Currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain, she produced various international-awarded films presenting the marine life of our planet.

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As an experienced underwater videographer/photographer, Elisabeth has long been passionate about exploring the marine depths. In 2004, she opened Oceans Below Underwater Video Productions Since then, she has created the dive industry's first professional-level video training course; won numerous underwater video and photo competitions; worked with the BBC and other production houses; created a new look for the PADI promotional videos and trained a number of industry professionals. She continues to teach budding underwater videographers and travel the world in pursuit of the most spectacular and diverse diving environments—all the while equipped with her cameras and housings…

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Filip Staes is already 20 years an established underwaterphotographer from Belgium with many publications. He has won more than 150 prizes all around the world, but most important for him is that he can touch people with his images and create an awareness of the fragile world beneath the surface.

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